Dec 052011

the LOVE film trailer 2.14.11 from deborah dickson on Vimeo.

Apr 182010

If you have a love story you’ve always wanted to tell—and would like to be included in the LOVE film—please respond with your email address or phone number.  First love, unrequited love, love at a distance, your first kiss, jealousy, enduring love, heartbreak, finding love, marriage, divorce, re-marriage—all stories are relevant.

Apr 182010

gay pride. miami. 2010

Mar 172010

new york city, 2009

Mar 152010

st. valentine's day, rome

Jan 082010

a film has to be finished, even if blindly.

by Pedro Almodovar,  Broken Embraces

Jan 082010

a work-in-progress

1. is romantic love an illusion?

Jan 072010
photograph ©2009 deborah dickson

chalk heart, east village, new york. ©2009 deborah dickson

Jan 072010

the sky is nice.

by pete rosenstein 1986

Jan 072010
©2009 deborah dickson

foam heart, east village, new york city ©2009 deborah dickson