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As Socrates tells it, your story begins the moment Eros enters your life.ann carson, eros the bittersweet
Someone once told me I was “in love with love.”  It’s true that I was a romantic.  After all, I’d formed my ideas about love and life from books and movies. But after my second marriage ended and Pluto was demoted, nothing made sense any more.  That’s when I began making this film—Eccentric Orbit, a Meditation on Romantic Love.

I set out to make a film to unravel the mystery of this elusive passion.   I talked with friends, interviewed people on the street and asked everyone to tell me their love stories and answer some basic questions: What is the state of romantic love in the 21st century? Do people believe in soul mates? Why is it so hard to stay in love when falling in love is so easy? And finally, “Is there such a thing as true love or does it only exist in fiction?”

Along the way, there are digressions about the cosmos, chaos, black holes, Saudade and the quixotic nature of memory.

Home movies, still photographs and text from books and poetry illuminate the journey.  For imagination is the necessary catalyst in love as well as in creativity.  And perhaps the culprit, in the case of love.

Eccentric Orbit will make you remember your first kiss, the delirium of falling in love, the intensity of your first love, the physical pain of heartbreak, the suffering associated with passion, jealousy, and the bitter-sweetness of reconnecting with a former lover.

– deborah dickson

The team

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deborah dickson

Deborah is a three-time Academy Award nominee who has made a number of award-winning films, including Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House; Lalee’s Kin: Legacy of Cotton (with Susan Froemke and Albert Maysles); Frances Steloff: Memoirs of a Bookseller;  The Education of Gore Vidal;  Witnesses to a Secret War;  The Lost Bird Project;  Suzanne Farrell:  Elusive Muse (with Anne Belle). Deborah’s complete filmography is here.
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Scott Anger

Scott is an award-winning journalist and cinematographer whose previous works include; Rue des Elephants, Hunger in the Valley, The Lost Bird Project, The Return, Life in Limbo, Witnesses to a Secret War, Greensboro: Closer to the Truth, Homefront, along with nine films for the PBS documentary program FRONTLINE. This is his third collaboration with Deborah and Christopher.
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Christopher Tin

Christopher is a two-time Grammy winning composer who writes music for the concert hall, film, video games and commercials. His albums have reached #1 on the Billboard charts, his songs have been sampled by rappers and covered by trance acts, and he’s had entire concerts at Carnegie Hall devoted to his music. He collaborates with a wide variety of artists, including music pioneers, opera legends and international music stars.
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